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Works in Progress Insurance

If you have bought or own a property that you intend to renovated or refurbished, then you will need to buy specialist cover whilst the work is being carried out.

HI Expert has access to a range of different insurers who can help. If the work is of a non structural basis or will be carried out in a short period of time then we can often extend a standard household policy to cover the dwelling or alternatively provide an unoccupied cover whilst the work is being done.

If you need to cover the actual works themselves we can arrange a full works in progress policy that will cover both the existing structure, items awaiting incorporation into the dwelling and the works themselves.

Cover under a works in progress policy can include barns and ex-commercial premises and any other unusual property providing the end result is a private dwelling – there is no percentage limit for the works in relation to the existing buildings sum insured.

Please call HI Expert for details 01825 745410