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Unoccupied Properties

There are occasions when properties may end up being unoccupied. Insurers treat unoccupied properties in a different way to those which are being lived in. An insurer would classify a property as being unoccupied after it has been vacant for 30 days. This might include a long holiday period, so you need to be very careful if you are going ot leave your property unattended for a long period of time.

Insurance for unoccupied properties is normally based on the standard policy wording, but it might be reduced or limited to a small range of perils – these normally include Fire, Lightning, Explosion and Aircraft Impact (known as FLEA cover). Full cover may be granted, however this will be subject to a higher premium and there will be a list of conditions and warranties that you must adhere to if a claim is to be valid. These might include a requirement that the building be inspected on a regular basis, sealing up the letter box, draining down the water system, turning off the supply at the mains and switching off the electric and gas supplies.

HI Expert can normally help obtain a quote for unoccupied property, however insurers will need to know what your intentions are – if you are intending to refurbish the property or carry out major building works then you may need to consider a works in progress policy.