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Landlords Insurance

Whether you own a single property or a number of buildings that you let out you will need to buy specialist insurance to protect your investment and to cover any liabilities that arise out of the ownership of the property.

Typically a landlords policy will cover both the structure of the home, any contents that the landlord owns and possibility the rental income that you earn in the event of the property becoming uninhabitable as a result of an insured event.

HI Expert can help you with Landlord insurance for both residential and commercial properties and we have access to a wide range of insurers, all of whom offer a range of different levels of cover and benefits. HI Expert can research the market and find the right cover for you.

There are a range of cover options. Unlike home insurance, landlords insurance is not always packaged up so you might need to specifically ask to include cover for property owners liability or loss of rent.

It is also possible to purchase cover for loss of rent and eviction expenses. HI expert can help with quotations for these options as well as provide access to a professional tenant referencing service.

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