How much Contents Cover should I buy for my Holiday Home?

The Contents sum Insured for your Holiday Home should reflect the maximum amount that insurers would have to pay to replace the contents of your home if it was totally destroyed. It is important to get this amount right because any claim (even for a small value) will be reduced by insurers if the value is incorrect.

Most holiday home contents policies are linked to inflation, however you should still keep an eye on these as you will need to increase the cover to reflect any purchases that you make.

The most common extension to Holiday Home Contents polices is for accidental damage. This is where the majority of claims will fall and covers situations like accidentally spilling paint on a carpet or dropping a precious vase. Many Holiday Home Insurers will not allow you to purchase accidental damage cover if your are letting the property to paying guests or non paying visitors. Also be aware that many Holiday Home Insurers will exclude damage caused by guests or visitors.

Most holiday home policies will include cover for loss of pre-booked income if your home is damaged due to one of the insured perils – fire flood etc, and often the cost of placing your guests ins alternative accommodation if the property becomes uninhabitable due to an insured event. Check your cover for details as this is not automatic.

DO BE CAREFUL TO CHECK THE POLICY WORDING PORPERLY. If you are letting our your property there may be specific exclusions or conditions that you will need to comply with or your policy will be invalid.

HI Expert is able to offer cover for overseas properties – please see our special pages for further details. HI Expert is able to insure static homes and caravans, please ask for details.

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